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A masterwork of automotive design, Volvo S60 is so beautiful that we suppose pedestrians could be stunned when they first see it. So we invented a safety system for them – a world first.

But make no mistake, this is a driver’s car. It moves like no Volvo before. Too sexy to be the safest car ever? We can live with that.

Every component of the Volvo S60 is thoroughly tested to meet the highest standards, with no detail too small to perfect. For example, even the 650-watt Premium Sound system – with MultEQ XT anti-distortion technology from Audyssey Labratories, Class D digital amplification, 12 high-output speakers, a standard multi media DVD player and a high resolution 7" color screen – is tested to the limits to deliver inspiring performance.

The Volvo S60 is one of a selected number of vehicles that offer such innovative technology for the sound system. MultEQ XT removes distortion caused by the cars cabin acoustics and provides crisp clear sound.

Exterior of New Volvo S60
Exterior of New Volvo S60
Exterior of New Volvo S60


Choose from three brilliantly balanced chassis – Dynamic, our lowered R-Design Sport Chassis or our electronically controlled Four-C Chassis, that performs 500 calculations per second.

Utilizing innovative new technology, we have further refined Volvo’s Stability-enhancing DSTC system to help drivers better realize their intentions – with more assertion, efficiency and dare we say, more pure driving enjoyment. For example, the Advanced Stability Control feature monitors the car’s behavior with high precision – making micro-adjustments with maximum speed – to further enhance stability in sharp curves and with rapid lateral movements. Corner Traction Control through torque vectoring also helps your car pivot around bends with more grace by braking the inner wheel and redistributing engine torque to the outside wheel. It also improves acceleration when turning onto a road with faster traffic.

Our new class-leading four-cylinder D4 engine offers a world-class blend of 181 horsepower and CO2 emissions under 100g/km.

Interior of New Volvo S60
Interior of New Volvo S60
Interior of New Volvo S60

Safety & Technology

Match your dashboard to your mood with our voice- activated Sensus ConnectedTouch, and you can instantly hear your favourite songs, plus a whole world of web-based entertainment.

It is not likely, yet still possible, for a pedestrian to ignore your beautiful Volvo S60 and step into your path. Fortunately, the world’s first pedestrian-avoidance technology is available now. Using a digital camera and radar to constantly scan the road ahead, shapes identified as people at risk will trigger a warning. If the car in front stops suddenly and you don’t react, our innovative, advanced City Safety system will apply the brakes – at speeds of up to 31mph. Our Active High Beam means you can keep your mind on the road and see further without dazzling other drivers.

More importantly, the system will employ full brake force to stop your vehicle – if you don’t. Our experts call it Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto brake*, but you can simply call it another Volvo safety world first.

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