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New Nissan Cabstar

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When investing in a commercial vehicle, you want to know that every part of your vehicle has been designed with practicality in mind. The Nissan Cabstar is a solid and functional commercial vehicle, precisely developed for the rigours of commercial use.

The Nissan Cabstar really comes into its own when a compact vehicle that can cope with large payloads is required. Approximately 15% shorter than a traditional semi forward, the Cabstar is perfect for small sites or narrow streets, yet still has a large cargo capacity.

From its chassis through to its cabin, the Nissan Cabstar revolves around a solid and rugged design, with the cargo area having a maximum payload of 1,804kg which spreads the weight across a strong and robust frame. This is how, despite the large carrying capacity, the Cabstar is able to remain remarkably compact and deal with small and confined environments. With a tiny turning circle of 9.6m, it is exceptionally manoeuvrable and proves a flexible option for tricky cargo hauls in locations inaccessible to larger vehicles.

New Nissan Cabstar, Exterior, Blue
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With its towing capability of 3.5t, and a high gross train weight, the Nissan Cabstar will always prove versatile and practical for any business, in any environment. For easy maintenance, it has a tilting cabin to make engine access easy, while its long service interval makes the Nissan Cabstar a cost-effective investment. There is no doubt that the Nissan Cabstar will be able to provide you with a flexible and functional option when it comes to investing in your commercial vehicle.​

New Nissan Cabstar, Interior, Front of Van
New Nissan Cabstar, Exterior, Silver
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Safety & Technology

Independent tests show that the NT400 Cabstar’s safety levels match a passenger car’s, thanks to active & passive safety features. All Nissan Cabstars have front and rear disc brakes fitted as standard, with ABS and EBD available for even better braking performance. The reinforced cabin has side anti-intrusion bars and a sturdy shock-absorbing front bumper for car-like safety. Nissan have also added new features such as Traction Control and daytime running lights to make the Cabstar even safer and easier to drive.

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