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Discover the smart fluidity of the New Nissan LEAF. Charge it at home or on the go, control it with your smart phone and delight in the uncompromising comfort, outstanding technology and unexpected power of a genuine game-changer. The future just got real.

The Nissan LEAF may not have any emissions, but what it does have is everything you’ve come to expect in a driving experience. Its distinctive aerodynamically designed shape reduces wind noise whilst allowing LEAF to reach up to 90mph. The Nissan LEAF is so perfectly quiet and so easy to drive, with enhanced agility through its low centre of gravity.

Offering adjustable height in the front and increased leg-room in the back, New Nissan LEAF is a real crowd-pleaser. New LEAF also offers you the option of heated seats and steering wheel, keeping you warm in an energy efficient way. Choose from a full leather trim or a planet-loving bio-fabric made from sugar cane.

New Nissan LEAF, Exterior, Charging, Blue
New Nissan LEAF, Exterior, Blue
New Nissan LEAF, Exterior, White


It may look familiar, but it’s revolutionary inside. Packed with innovation, New LEAF delivers a range of 124 miles (NEDC cycle). An all-electric, hi-tech eco-warrior right down to the tip of its aerodynamic nose, the New 100% electric Nissan LEAF is the purist’s choice.

Energy is fed back to the battery every time the driver brakes, plus the batteries can be 80% recharged in under 30 minutes at various Rapid Charge stations, in 12 hours from a normal 3 pin plug socket, or around 8 hours from one of our home charging units if you wish to purchase one. So it doesn’t take much to keep Nissan LEAF charged up and autonomous for miles.

Steering Wheel of New Nissan LEAF
New Nissan LEAF, Dashboard Closeup
New Nissan LEAF, Interior, Gearstick Closeup


The display screen shows your current battery charge, and tells you how much power your interior climate control and other systems are using. The electric motor meter indicates power use during acceleration or regeneration, as well as during coasting or braking, as energy is converted back into the battery pack.

The Driving Range screen pinpoints your current location using GPS, and creates a simple map that illustrates the range of your Nissan LEAF® in real time. As you travel, the Driving Range adjusts to reflect the changing circumstances of your battery charge, current location and driving conditions.

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